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Aren’t there many  WEALTH SECRETS?

    Recently, a popular financial TV show revealed what they described as “Shocking Millionaire Secrets.” Here are a few of them from the top of their list:

  • Most millionaires are married (and not divorced)

  • Between age 40 to 50 is when most became millionaires

  • 77% of millionaires have incomes from $100K to $500K

  • The vast majority attended public schools (82% of millionaires)

  • Millionaires are optimists (83%)

  • Fitness is important to millionaires (74% exercise 3 to 5 times per week
    or more)

  • 99% of millionaires use credit cards

  • What do you think? Are these really the secrets to becoming wealthy?

    Call us doubters, but we don’t agree that waiting until you’re 40, getting married, always seeing the glass half-full, riding a Peloton three times a week, and making every purchase with a credit card will turn you into a millionaire!

    These are some interesting descriptive observations, but they are not prescriptive strategies to becoming wealthy. We're not sure that these things are even secrets.

    But Mike Agugliaro will reveal The Greatest Wealth Secret Ever Told in this new, one-time FuDog training.

    Whether you attended public school, or have been divorced, or you’re currently making less than $100K per year, you can become wealthy.

    Mike will explain to you the ONE THING that could be holding you back—the ONE WEALTH SECRET that holds back more people from becoming millionaires and decamillionaires than anything else!

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Find out the Wealth Secret!

“Money equals freedom,” according to Kevin O’Leary, the venture capital investor who has become known as “Mr. Wonderful,” on the popular TV show Shark Tank. O’Leary is opinionated, ruthless, and tells it like it is. He’s been highly successful throughout his life, learning very early on that “Whatever you pay attention to grows!” O’Leary lives by a rather simple principle: “I want to go to bed richer than when I woke up. The pursuit of wealth is a wonderful thing, but the thing is you have to be honest about it, you have to tell the truth.”

Mike Agugliaro is the real deal!

—Kevin O’Leary, Canadian Businessman, Venture Capital Investor, and celebrity on Shark Tank

  • Learn the Wealth Secret from a self-made decamillionaire

    About Mike Agugliaro


    Mike Agugliaro is a lifelong student of martial arts, human performance, and the transformation of potential into mastery. He started his professional career as an electrician and grew a $32 million/year home services business, which was acquired by a private equity company. He then built the largest training organization for home service companies, which received a substantial investment from a private equity firm.

    Mike has perfected the art of personal human performance, and applies what he learns in all aspects of life, from family and relationships to health and fitness to career and wealth.

    Mike is an author, speaker, a sought-after human performance expert, and a Black Belt in Jinsei Ryu Budo.




    Wed, Mar 16 at 7:00pm Eastern USA

    Thu, Mar 17 at 10:00am Australia

    Check the TIME in your time zone

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    “Life should not be measured by how happy you are in the moment, or how wealthy you are, or by what others think of you. It should be measured by how well your identity empowered you to actively engage and contribute every day to fulfill your highest purpose.”

    —Mike Agugliaro

    Reserve Your Spot NOW!
    Find out the Wealth Secret!

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