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The Successful Life Series


Hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners have already been impacted by these trainings valued at $699
Prepare to take action because you are about to experience MindGrowth that will change your life.

FuDog Group co-founder Mike Agugliaro celebrated his "Level 51" birthday by serving others. On May 28, 2021 Mike shared 51 of his biggest life lessons and insights. This isn't just personal growth training, it's real world, real life application of powerful truths that shaped Mike's life, family, and empire! You are totally capable of applying these same insights and lessons to your life. Level up with Mike!

And once you've worked through the Level 51 training, be sure to follow up with the Level 52 training! That's right, one year later, Mike shared 52 insights on living your best life ever! These are two of Mike's most popular training events because they are so real, raw, and totally applicable! This is the secret sauce of success!

Be sure to download the Level 51 & Level 52 Checklists so you can apply the lessons Mike Agugliaro has learned in his life to your life. Level up now!

Level 51

Download the Level 51 Checklist

Level 52

Download the Level 52 Checklist
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Greatness Awaits

It's time to discern where you're at now and what you can do practically to move yourself toward a more successful life in our Human Engineering training.

Human Engineering

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Change The Channel: Greatness Awaits
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Greatness Awaits

The FuDog Group is a growing organization of experts who are committed to transforming humanity, one person at a time.

Named for the ancient guardian lions that guarded important places throughout the Asia-Pacific region, FuDog Group brings never-before-heard insights to growth-minded people who want to enhance all areas of life.

We offer online trainings like The Successful Life Series, videos and books, and our new mindGROWTH magazine, but also intensive online trainings like CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

You'll find out more about the FuDog Group and how we can help you accelerate your personal growth in The Successful Life Series training.

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