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Here's What You'll Get From The FuDog Community


Join the FuDog Community on Facebook to discover a group of people who are getting clarity about their purpose in their personal lives, and creating a step-by-step action plan to live that purpose daily.


Join the FuDog Community to learn more about personal performance power and even to tap into your own reserve of power that you might not realize exists!


Join the FuDog Community to discover, harness, and elevate your passion for everything—your relationships, your career, your health, and your potential for more!

 What Can You Achieve?

What Can You Achieve In Your Journey To Greater Human Performance?

Seekers Of Power

Peak human performance is not a dream—it's achievable, but only when you tap into the unlimited power hidden deep inside you. In this exclusive training, you'll learn the "next level" secrets to achieving greater power.

One Life

Who is ready to start living their best life ever? It starts with first removing the limitations that hold you back, and then discovering what life could be like if you had unlimited potential. This training will help you create your best life ever.

What Makes FuDog A Game-Changer?

There are many "coaches" and "gurus" out there, but what makes FuDog a true game-changer for people seeking to improve their personal performance?

    Focused On Personal Human Performance

    We're not focused on business, entrepreneurship, or side hustles. We help people discover and achieve a higher level of personal potential and performance in all aspects of life.

    Proven, Measurable Results

    We are focused on helping people develop proven, measurable results in any area of life. We're not satisfied with tiny shifts; we help people achieve major transformation.

    Turning Personal Success Into A System

    We are systematizing personal success by helping people build and implement a system for personal success in everything they do.

What Does Your Next Level Look Like?

We are developing programs for every level of student, no matter what kind of shift you're looking for?

    "I'm New To The World Of Peak Human Potential"

    We recommend joining our free FuDog Community on Facebook and checking out some of the strategies there. Consider taking a course that resonates with you.

    "I'm Interested In Personal Development"

    If you like the classic books on personal growth and development then you'll love the FuDog Community on Facebook; you may want to take 2-3 courses this year.

    "I Study Personal Development And Want MORE"

    If you're ready to tap into the hidden higher levels that most people aren't talking about (or don't even know), you'll want to be among our highest level of FuDog Members.

Meet the Hanshi: Mike Agugliaro

Mike Agugliaro is a lifelong student of martial arts, human performance, and the transformation of potential into mastery. He started his professional career as an electrician and grew a $32 million/year home services business, which was acquired by a private equity company. He then built the largest training organization for home service companies, which received a substantial investment from a private equity firm.

Mike has perfected the art of personal human performance, and applies what he learns in all aspects of life, from family and relationships to health and fitness to career and wealth.

Mike is an author, speaker, a sought-after human performance expert, and a Black Belt in Jinsei Ryu Budo.

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