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Now is the time to create the life you've always wanted!



Shifting Gears

4 Evening Sessions:
April 5, 7, 19, 21
7:00 pm Eastern—9:30 pm Eastern
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Change The Channel: Shifting Gears

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April 5, 7, 19, 21
7:00 pm Eastern—9:30 pm Eastern
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Your current reality was created by choice, and you can choose to change it.

—Hanshi Mike Agugliaro

What’s included with the training?

Easy Access with Zoom

Join from anywhere—we have had participants in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Asia-Pacific—while learning in the comfort of your home!

Evening Sessions

The four sessions are loaded with practical strategies that you've never heard before; each one is designed to accelerate your personal growth.

Team Breakouts

You can learn by reading, but you can learn faster and put it into action with an expert teacher. Add in learning from others and you can experience massive personal growth.


Have the confidence that your identity is now empowering you to actively engage and contribute every day to fulfill your life's highest purpose.

“Mind-blowing training! Just the amount of information, the amount of knowledge, the energy! Mike Agugliaro is amazing! Inspiring! His leadership and play-all-outness — awesome!”

—Gabriela Luersen, Mindset Coach & Psychotherapist (Australia)

  • What you'll do at Change The Channel

    Mark your baseline

    Evaluate where you are now and identify a measurable baseline for yourself. You'll use this invaluable tool for the rest of your life to measure and grow.

    Remove old programming

    You'll go through our proprietary process to tear down the old stories and programming; this is all done in a comfortable, supportive setting.

    Create a new vision

    Replace old stories and programming with an inspiring new vision that will surprise and motivate you. Suddenly, the impossible will seem possible!

    Lift limitations

    The only limitations are the ones you create for yourself... and when you change the channel you'll reach higher and achieve more than ever before.

    Discover FuDog Life Wheel

    People talk about work-life balance, but there’s a bigger picture and we'll encourage you to grow in 10 areas of your life—everything is about to shift!

    People will be shocked

    Your friends and family will be SHOCKED at your transformation. You'll have confidence in a bold vision and you'll move faster than ever to achieve it!

    ... and much, much more!

    “My biggest takeaway from the training is that “I can do it” — the belief in myself. I don’t have a cap. There are no limits.... I’m just really f***ng excited!!! A huge thank you to everyone in this training for holding this space, creating connections, being examples, and just showing me what is possible. Endless thank you to the FuDog Team! You’re IT! Love you!”

    —Madison S., Entrepreneur (USA)

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    If you have questions about Changing The Channel: Shifting Gears or the FuDog Group, or if you want more tickets for friends and family members, or if you are a Freedom Tribe member, reach out to the FuDog Group team at [email protected]

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