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The New World Of AI

The New World Of AI

How To Get Ready To Dominate In A World Of AI

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In This Free Class, You’ll Discover:

  • Stop fearing AI. It’s not dark magic. And it’s not the destroyer of careers and industries. It is a tool that can be leveraged by those who are willing to learn how.

  • Discover what AI can do and can’t do. Those who think AI is going to make everything about their lives better tomorrow are going to be disappointed. AI can do some pretty amazing things, but it is not the ultimate game changer.

  • Learn how AI will change the way you think, see, trust, and live in your mind and life. Instead of dreading the change, embrace the opportunity.

  • Prepare your mind. We’ll talk about what you can do to quickly and easily prepare your mind and create a stronger reality than you are living in today—a reality that removes stress, worry and fear.

  • Move faster. Make quicker decisions. Make life simpler. AI can be your accelerator.

  • Shift your identity. To get the ultimate leverage from AI and position yourself to take full advantage of this unfolding future, you need to shift your identity to become an opportunist.

  • And much more…


    Dwayne Willard, CEO of Champion Services

    “The training that Mike does in the FuDog world… [makes] a big difference for me in my business life, my personal life…. I very rarely miss any training that Mike does because I know there is tremendous value every time...”

    Hank Hayes, CEO of Intuitive Self-Protection

    “I've been to Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, [General] McChrystal, Grant Cardone, Brenda Bouchard, Robert Kiyosaki, and, Mike, bro, this is 100% GOLD! ”

    Jim Clark, Owner of C&C Myers

    “It's amazing what you taught me!... I go through the manifestation process, and what you taught me is that's not enough! What we have to do is come out of that and go, 'What do I need to do today to move forward ?'”


    Mike is a lifelong student of martial arts, human performance, and the transformation of potential into mastery. He started his professional career as an electrician and grew a $32 million/year home services business, which was acquired by a private equity company.

    He then built the largest training organization for home service companies, which received a substantial investment from a private equity firm.

    Mike has perfected the art of personal human performance, and applies what he learns in all aspects of life, from family and relationships to health and fitness to career and wealth. He started the FuDog Group with Jennifer because together they want to change the world!

    Mike is an author, speaker, a sought-after human performance expert, and a Black Belt in Jinsei Ryu Budo.

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